Ishihara Test

Ishihara Test: How to Test for Color Blindness

The Ishihara Test is one of the most popular color blindness tests in use today. It’s also relatively easy to do at home and cost-effective, though you can get it done by your optometrist if you don’t want to do it yourself. In this article, we’ll explain how the Ishihara Test works and what it tells you about your vision, as well as give instructions on how to do it yourself so that you can test for color blindness at…

Eye Care Services

3 Essential Eye Care Services You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you wear glasses or contacts, you’re probably very familiar with the services your eye doctor provides — but did you know that there are some services that aren’t as common? They’re not necessarily new, but they’re important to investigate if you want to maintain healthy eyes and vision into old age. Here are 3 eye care services you didn’t know you needed. (more…)

How to Perform a Visual Field Assessment in Low Vision

A visual field assessment is an important procedure that helps your optometrist learn more about the nature of your visual impairment and its impact on your daily life. It’s an essential step in determining the best treatment options for you, so understanding this test and how it works will be crucial to ensuring that your doctor gets the most accurate information possible. Here’s what you need to know about this vision test and how it’s performed! (more…)